La medica vincente

nel mondo!

High protein percentage, High level digestibility

& Strong ability to adapt


Our History

Differentiate and you stand out in a very crowded marketplace. Present your uniquen emphasize

Differentiate and you stand out in a very crowded marketplace. Present your uniquen emphasize

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Our Varieties

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Optimize next-generation bandwidth

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Expedite innovative deliverables

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Deliver customized e-business

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Where we are in the world

It is not always possible to jet off half way around the world when you and your significant other are wishing to go off on a private and romantic getaway. The great news have to spend a lot of money or go very far to get away.

News & Updates

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International Seed Federation

The ISF World Seed Congress is the ISF flagship event which brings together the principal architects and decision makers of the global seed industry. The ISF World Seed Congress 2021 will be held in Barcelona, Spain.

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The World’s Most Important Exhibition For The Greenhouse Industry

Growtech will be held from 24 – 27 November 2021 in Anfaş Expo Center, Antalya-TURKEY.  It will provide you the opportunity to source for new products & technologies and get the latest information about sector. 

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Our user interface was built on React – the most efficient JavaScript library. We guarantee you will love the difference in performance. Build clean, minimalistic, beautifully crafted websites p2erfectly fit for any device.

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Via Cirillo Bassi 20/A 40015 San Vincenzo di Galliera, Bologna, Italy

+39 051 815 412

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Latest Promos

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