The most productive

alfalfa seed in the world.



Our History

It was first registered in 1973, when most of the alfalfa seed was harvested on local populations (ecotypes) without pedigree, and since its creation Prosementi has been carefully maintained to preserve its unique features.


Our Varieties


Best known Italian cultivar of alfalfa


10% more than the field average


Coming soon..

Where we produce our seeds

Our seeds are 100% produced in Italy (Emilia-Romagna Region) by experienced Italian farmers whom we are working with for long years. Every single seed produced by our farmers, is tested and certified by Italian authorities. Under favor of this we are able to protect our seeds pureness and high quality since 1973.

Where we are in the world

In the last ten years it has been tested in different areas of the world,

showing in every case perfect results in terms of growth, yield and quality of the stand.

News & Updates

MULTI-LEAVES ALFALFA: Our new variety!

Our newest variety is about to complete registration and will be on market soon. It will contain 25% more protein and 20% more leaves!

International Seed Federation

The ISF World Seed Congress is the ISF flagship event which brings together the principal architects and decision makers of the global seed industry. The ISF World Seed Congress 2021 will be held in Barcelona, Spain.

The World’s Most Important Exhibition For The Greenhouse Industry

Growtech will be held from 24 – 27 November 2021 in Anfaş Expo Center, Antalya-TURKEY.  It will provide you the opportunity to source for new products & technologies and get the latest information about sector. 

Contact Us

For technical and cultivation advices & further details

about our product and production, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Via Cirillo Bassi 20/A 40015 San Vincenzo di Galliera, Bologna, Italy

+39 051 815 412

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